Why Us

Relevance to Higher Education and Workplace Skills

blueVisions and the Australian-based Institute of Management (IM) provide internationally accredited training & coaching solutions that include:

  • English Language
  • Management & Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Management & Administration
  • Procurement & Contract Management
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Asset Management

Unique Benefits for Learners

  • More learner engagement - a variety of quizzes, puzzles, games and interactivity actively engage learners in more than 'click and flick'
  • Deeper learning - learners are taken through a process of analysis and discovery and provided with a variety of immediate feedback in the form of discrete answers, auto-correcting activities, sample answers, hints and additional information
  • Greater confidence - the online environment provides learners with a safe and non-threatening environment where they can experiment, practise and review the areas of language they want to master at their own pace
  • Accelerated progress - our courses are available 24/7 so learners can study anytime, anywhere at a pace and intensity to suit their learning style
  • Greater independence - course features such as video and audio players with synchronised transcripts encourage learners to take control of which language skills they develop and how they do it.

Relevance to Higher Education and Workplace Skills

Additional Benefits for Learners

  • Structured curriculum - Student materials - General English Beginner to IELTS 5.5
  • Authentic work, study and social settings to make language relevant and meaningful
  • Learners work from native speaker models towards their own version of texts and tasks - structured and scaffolded progression
  • Substantial and complete student workbooks for each level
  • Accommodates different learning styles
  • Use of video and audio to engage learners
  • Native speaker modelling of language - from individual sounds to stress, and intonation to develop accurate pronunciation
  • Provides cycling of language learning, practice and revision to move language from passive recognition to active production
  • Immediate feedback to learners - real outcomes
  • Provides structure and building blocks of language competency
  • Mobile app - gives learners additional access and flexibility
  • Able to revise and repeat tasks
  • Studying real language in real context
  • Receiving instant feedback
  • Studying through challenging video and audio tasks

Relevance to Higher Education and Workplace Skills

Detailed Description of English Teaching Programs

The strength of our offer is the combination of our tailored solution that includes blended learning, the maturity and depth of teaching resources, and the highly qualified and experienced teachers.

  1. The programs are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (A1 -B1) and the Australian accredited Certificates I, II and III in spoken and written English (CSWE)
  2. The teaching levels will be from beginner (aligned to IELTS 1) to intermediate (IELTS 5.5)
  3. There are six (6) levels of general English with each level having 15 units and around 60 hours of material
  4. In addition, there are five (5) levels of advanced English to develop effective written and spoken communication skills.
  5. Reading is integrated with all macro skills into the program. Text comprehension, language focus and task completion in each unit focus on developing reading skills.
  6. blueVisions provides an integrated skills approach, developing the four macro skills alongside a contextualised focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation - providing learners with the building blocks of language competency
  7. The teaching will include practice, revision and recycling within units and throughout courses to deepen understanding and move language from passive recognition into active production
  8. Each unit of work has an overall assessment which reviews and checks core skill areas presented to students throughout the unit. Assessments are designed to review all aspects of learning
  9. blueVisions will provide substantial and complete teaching resources including:
    1. Syllabus
    2. Student workbooks and resources
    3. Library of English language resources including books and online resources if requested
    4. Access to online materials
    5. Access to World Wide English mobile app
  10. blueVisions and AMES can also provide the Australian Reader Series published by AMES, which includes over 20 titles and is designed for beginner to advanced levels. These readers include pre and post-reading exercises with answers. Prices available on request.
  11. blueVisions can also provide highly qualified English Language teachers to provide coaching, mentoring, face-to-face blended programs and support to the organisation if required as a separate proposal.

Relevance to Higher Education and Workplace Skills

Quality Resources

The standard of the courses offered is the mandated curriculum for the Australian Federal Government Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). It is also one of the preferred programs for the government language, literature and numeracy programs.

Relevance to Higher Education and Workplace Skills

Accelerated Learning With High Completion Rates

English Mobile App
  • Flexibility - learn anywhere, anytime as often as you like
    • at home
    • on the bus
    • at your own school
    • at work
  • Mobility - a native speaker in your pocket at all times
  • Real-life scenarios - simulations of social and business activities
  • Face-to-face - with a teacher to guide you
  • e-Portfolio - unique assessment and tracking / review on the spot
  • Fun - the journey to learning, interactive, mind maps, X-words, word recycling, sharing ??
  • Tried and Proven - developed and delivered by NSW AMES

Reference Sites & Delivery Track Record

Global DeliveryAMES is part of the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities. NSW AMES in Australia has taught English to people from non-English speaking backgrounds since 1951. NSW AMES is the leading publisher of language and literacy resources in Australia. Its range of online courses provide a rich learning environment of sound, animation and interactive tasks.

Current markets using AMES courses:

  • International: Corporate organisations, government, educational institutions including, universities, vocational training institutes, schools, English language providers, libraries
  • Domestic (Australia) : corporate organisations, government, educational institutions including TAFE NSW and other states, universities, vocational training institutes, schools, English language colleges, ELICOS providers, existing CSWE licence holders, public libraries, educational institutional libraries, community and Not for Profit not-for-profit organisations
  • Individual users (globally via the website and app stores)

Our Methodology

The Approach

Blue Visions and NSW AMES will provide access to online materials which includes the language level guide used to place students in the appropriate stream to match their capability and language level.

This approach builds engagement and confidence with learners and is typically summarised as follows

The Approach

Online - face-to-face computer lab Or self-paced learning Online - face-to-face computer labor self-paced learning
Mobile App - self-paced Mobile App - self-paced

Our Methodology

Delivery Methods

blueVisions offers the NSW AMES online World Wide English programs under three different delivery methods as follows:

  1. License only, where the school / college or corporation have their own internal English language teacher and wish to utilise this internal resource to facilitate the delivery of the blended teaching using the NSW AMES online programs
  2. Blended Delivery at Your Facility, where the students are given access to the online system and are required to review and complete one unit of study per week (or longer by agreement) individually in their own time or during work hours or school hours (where such time is provided by the employer or school). The students then attend a group review session (at your facility, school/office) once per week (during or after hours) facilitated by our teachers. These sessions are used to review the unit completed, discuss learning and provide an opportunity for the group to simulate real-life scenarios such as skills they require while undertaking higher education or skills they require in the workplace (as the case may be).
  3. Blended Delivery at Our Facility, similar as item 2 above except that the students travel to our facility. Not recommended where time is limited and can in certain cases result in students missing scheduled sessions.

Extensions are then provided for students/organisations that have an interest in the following:

  1. The IELTS Preparation is provided as an extension, once the appropriate level of NSW AMES World Wide English has been completed. The NSW AMES courses are the foundation courses to be taken prior to commencing the IELTS preparation training. For students who wish to extend their study to undertake the IELTS examination, blueVisions provides online access to the training resources using the Clarity online programs.
  2. Workplace Communication Skills (written and spoken) these are delivered under the same three delivery methods as World Wide English (see above).

Our Methodology

Format of the Blended Delivery

  • Study at your own pace in your own time online
  • Study anywhere, anytime and undertake revisions as often as you wish
  • Attend facilitator-led discussions that simulate real-life scenarios of undertaking higher education or using English in a workplace environment
  • Record your voice
  • Individual and group activities and discussions to build confidence
  • Interactive tasks that make learning fun and easy
  • Practical and experiential
  • Videos of native speakers
  • Assessment at completion of every unit

Our Methodology

Delivery Strategy

  • The English language teaching is delivered using a combination of face-to-face workshops and online resources including mobile devices. They have been designed by senior trainers who combine industry and work experience with academic excellence.
  • Each of the World Wide English course levels include 15 units which provide learning models through engaging video, listening and reading activities.
  • The program design and delivery is based on adult learning principles and experiential learning.
  • Participants will also receive an accompanying workbook with all reference material, access to online resources and mobile phone apps.
Delivery Strategy
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