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World Wide English

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide participants with the necessary English language skills for work, study and life in global environments.

A suite of English courses at six levels of general English from beginner to intermediate (equivalent to: IELTS 1-5.5). Each course is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1 - B1) and the Australian accredited certificates I, II and III in spoken and written English (CSWE).

This multilevel, course provides learners with rapid development in the macro skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Video, listening and reading activities provide models for learners and are combined with a range of engaging, interactive grammar vocabulary and pronunciation activities.

The Assessment Process

Teachers and course administrators will track student engagement with the program through the learning management system or LMS, allowing them to see what learners are studying, when and for how long.

Learners will practice their speaking and writing in a non-threatening online environment.

All activities have answers so that students can get immediate and definitive feedback. This gives students support and builds confidence as they progress through each unit.

Each unit of work has an overall assessment which reviews and checks core skill area presented to students throughout the unit. Assessments are designed to review all aspects of learning. For students who complete programs with sufficient attendance and achievement, they can be awarded a Certificate of Completion for each program.

Curriculum Resources

Each unit focuses on real life communication skills in English speaking environments and learners write and voice record into the online e-portfolio for tutor feedback and self-evaluation.

There is a guided discovery approach to grammar and vocabulary. Through a process of scaffolding learners are supported to produce their own written and spoken texts.

Online assessment and end of unit test track and record student scores for all macro language skills. At each level there are 15 units with over 300 screens and at least 65 hours of content in a blended context.

There is a supporting World Wide English mobile app which is fully interactive and available on both IPhone and Android platforms. Every level has an accompanying printable workbook with further language reference, further written practice and communicative classroom activities for every lesson.

Benefits of World Wide English


Develop Beginning Skills in English - Levels 1 and 2

World Wide English: Levels 1+2 are English courses for beginner language learners. Right from the start you will carry out real world tasks using natural English in everyday situations.

Unit by unit you build your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. At the same time you study the key points of grammar and vocabulary through a range of exciting and easy to use activities.

You are guided step by step to success in tasks that include greetings, talking about and writing personal details, descriptions, short emails, comparing things, talking about important moments, talking about the past and giving advice.

BEGINNER LEVEL - exit level equivalent to IELTS 3.0

Build Your Skills and Confidence - Levels 3 and 4

World Wide English: Levels 3+4 for pre-intermediate learners build on the beginner courses by extending the grammar, vocabulary and useful language and adding in new situations and contexts.
Tasks start with interesting and fun samples and models, provided through HD quality video and professional audio.

Push your level higher with tasks built around topics that include free time, social situations, talking about food, technology, fashion and travel, discussing movies, storytelling and shopping. There are also several units dealing with looking for work and participating in a job interview.

PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - exit level equivalent to IELTS 4.0

A Higher Level of Fluency - Levels 5 and 6

World Wide English: Levels 5+6 (intermediate) takes you to a higher level of fluency.

Progress with language development is confirmed with detailed presentations and useful practise. These levels put you, the learner right in control as you work through tasks for real communication.

Both speaking and writing tasks are extended as you explore topics from travel, education, work, media, mysteries, the world of work and the future to skills that include discussing, negotiating, suggesting, problem solving and explaining ideas and opinions.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - exit level equivalent to IELTS 5.0-5.5

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